Seeds Motion
A production company founded by Banu Wirandoko, Rheza Arden Wiguna, and Maulana Aziz in 2015 based in Bandung, Indonesia focusing on audiovisual design and motion picture. A seasoned creative boutique in the Indonesian commercial scene, Seeds Motion committed to passion projects in producing short-documentaries and art installations. Sculpting The Giant has been produced for the last 7 years and is going to be Seeds Motion’s first feature-length documentary in association with Global Film Solutions Indonesia, with the support of FOCUSED Equipment and Thinking*Room.
GFS Indonesia
GFS Indonesia is an Indonesian operation of GFS Global, a company founded in 2004 by three-time Emmy award winning producer and Producers Guild of American Television Producer of the Year nominee, Julian Grimmond, and former health services manager and nurse practitioner Frith O’Hagan. Originally named Global Film Solutions, the company began making films in the mountains of New Zealand and now operates globally across sectors. As a provider of risk management solutions, production services, and original content, GFS has collaborated on more than 2,500 projects touching every continent of the world - from the peak of Mount Everest to the depths of the Southern Ocean. Entering the journey in 2018, Sculpting The Giant is one of GFS Indonesia’s first documentary production in association with Seeds Motion.
Founded in 2016 by Bunga Ineza Bastaman and Anindhita Bunga Ayodhya, Phiwedari is a film distribution company that focuses on documentaries and emerging voices of filmmakers across Indonesia. Connecting filmmakers to screens and platforms such as Amazon and Film Doo. Phiwedari is also active in exhibiting films in international screening events and film markets across the world.
Maulana Aziz
Writer/Producer for Seeds Motion have written short comedies for one of the largest comic IPs in Indonesia. In Sculpting The Giant, Aziz took on a challenge to write and structure a feature-length documentary film with writing partner Sutansyah.
Sutansyah Marahakim
A seasoned writer with an expertise in world building have taken up the gauntlet to write a feature-length documentary. Sculpting the Giant will be Sutan’s first feature-length documentary film.
The 28 year old director fell in love with audiovisual storytelling since highschool and have been creating content ever since. His final year assignment in 2015 travelled around local college-level film festivals and winning awards such as Best Scriptwriting, Best Cinematography, Best Film, to Audience’s Choice award. His love for music is said to be the key for great-storytelling.
With an educational background in fine arts, Rheza as a refined taste for visual arts. With his passion in motion picture, he and his co-director founded Seeds Motion and have been collaborating since 2013 creating commercial works for renowned brands such as Netflix, HP, Sony Pictures, and many more. Sculpting The Giant is a passion project and will be his first feature-length documentary.
Maulana Aziz
With experience producing award-winning commercial productions, Aziz is pushing the envelope in writing and producing a documentary passion project, among other things. His extensive network in the industry made Sculpting The Giant possible with help from partners like Thinking*Room Studio and Focused Equipment.
Associate Producer
Founder of FOCUSED equipment in Indonesia, one of the leading film production consultants in the country, Robin has supported award-winning films such as Autobiography (2022), Photocopier (2021), amongst many others. His dedication to regeneration was his motivation to mentor the young first-time filmmakers for Sculpting The Giant. His support to Seeds Motion included production needs and post-production supervision.
Associate Producer
Co-Founder of FOCUSED equipment Indonesia along with Robin Moran, specializing in the education unit. With her experience, network, and sharpened intuition, she is always keen to support and mentoring young filmmakers especially in Indonesia, while never stop learning and updating herself throughout the movie productions that she’s involved.
Director of Photography & Editor
First-time filmmaker Dini have collaborated with Seeds Motion for years in numerous projects. Along with her great sense in photography and editing, she has given 4 years of her life to Sculpting The Giant as the key player in the team.
Music Composer/Sound Recordist/Sound Editor
Seeds Motion’s composer extraordinaire have created countless original compositions and sound design for commercial projects and art installations. For Sculpting The Giant, he has composed and produced 20 original score that made Sculpting The Giant a very distinguishable among other Indonesian documentaries.
Animation director
A key talent of Seeds Motion, Gentha have produced more than 100 animation projects for commercials, shorts, and art installations. For Sculpting The Giant, he has lead a team of animators, illustrators, and designers to create a special animated sequence to convey Nyoman’s childhood story.